Friday, March 16, 2018

Blueish Red

Someone put together a list of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives who refuse to co-sponsor the Medicare for All single payer health care bill introduced by Reps John Conyers of Michigan and Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

New Democrats Mexico Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan are on the list. On economic matters New Mexico Democrats are Democrat in name only and often vote with Republicans.

New Mexico is nominally a blue state but like many of the red states it's at the bottom of the barrel in things like poverty, child health, child poverty, and it's for the same reason. It's the state's low wage economy, which is that way because New Mexico Democrats are, again, like Republicans when it comes to economic matters. They side with corporations and the rich and against working people.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A US-DPRK Summit

If Trump makes peace with the DPRK, North Korea, he will be ahead 4-1.

When I say 4-1 I mean that on four occasions Trump has done something that's better for the world than what Hillary would have done and in one case he's done worse than she would have, based on what her stated policies are and what he actually has done.

First is Syria. Hillary promised to escalate and confront Russia and under Trump it's over.

Second is that he's severely limited if not destroyed the old NATO led imperial consensus for going to war and esstroying any nation that resists the Neoliberal Capitalism.

On Russia the Neocon foreign policy establishment and Russigaters cornered Trump and have him doing precisely what they would have done, act with typical American exceptionalism and belligerence, so that's a minus, but the Neocons would go even further, as they actively discuss doing, so Russia is more of a wash.

I'll give Hillary the point on the tax giveaways but let's just see if Democrats will use them as an excuse to eliminate the loopholes, the ways the rich people already get out of paying the tax rates they should be paying and have for a long time. And couldn't used to. Before, the rich could only get deductions by plowing money back into their businesses but now they can pocket that cash, and don't buy efficient new equipment and Americans do more manual labor at work than they did 15 years ago. I witnessed the parcel post industry go from automated to hand sorting.

So if this DPRK initiative bears fruit the world will be ahead 3-1 over what they'd be with a Neocon, Hillary, in the saddle. 

A sitting president has never met with a DPRK head of state. Hillary would never appear on the stage with Kim Jong Un, as equals because it's against the Neocon bible.

I shouldn't say this but Hillary's people might also be leery of her having to appear on the same stage as Kim Yo Jon, Kim Jong Un's sister and the media sensation of the Winter Olympics.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fuzzy And An Uncloudy Day

One of the times I tried to get out of trucking I was a hired hand at Fuzzy's Pheasant Farm, run by a guy called Fuzzy and his wife out in the south end of the Estancia Valley.

Fuzzy didn't really want me there at first. I had a PO in Moriarty knew Fuzzy's wife because her brother and I were besties in Moriarty and shared a mobile home for awhile. I had flirted with her and she made Fuzzy gove me a job. I met Fuzzy on my first day. He came out and had me get in the passenger side of his big electric four wheeler golf cart and we flew to the other end of his pheasant farm at breakneck speed and then he literally let big farts at me all day while we built these big wooden feeders from scratch that were big enough to feed dozens of head of these things, but it was outdoors and I understood his resentment but I wanted to work there awhile so I stuck it out and eventually he was a good boss. Not bad, in Marxist terms.

They ended up leaving me alone there one week when they went somewhere and the primo hired hand Ramon had to go to Mexico. You talk about blue skies. New Mexico is already dry and their place is in the lee of the Manzano Mountains, the dry side. Not cloudy all day, brown rangeland with mountains rising a few miles away. Everybody else would call that much land a ranch but maybe because Fuzzy's Pheasant Ranch doesn't have as many words starting with an F.

Next: The dirty dusty pheasant business

Coming in from the NW - the dark band is netting over the cages

Looking back at Fuzzy's gate

Click here for the Google map view of Fuzzy's.

The Second Battle Of Blair Mountain

Bernie Sanders walks with Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union in 2015

A Democratic candidate for the New York statehouse, Ross Barkan, has a column in The Guardian that puts the West Virginia teacher's strike in the proper context. Here are a few quotes from it:

"We are now in a second Gilded Age, with billionaires and hard-right politicians more committed than ever to perpetuating these inequalities."

"Weak-willed Democrats pay lip service to organized labor while doing little else other than make appearances at rallies and take a decent vote once in a while."

"All the Democrats running for president in 2020 should not only be standing with the teachers of West Virginia but traveling down there themselves to show solidarity. This is the fight that matters."

"But workers should understand politicians will only act if they act first. There will be no Moses for the new labor movement. It will be led by the people on the front lines, the teachers and sanitation workers and healthcare workers and everyone else who keep society afloat while subsisting on relatively little."

The last Democrat I saw walkng a picket line was Jesse Jackson and it's been decades.
Today's Democrats won't go near a picket line. In New Mexico we have Democrats who never use the word union in  any of their public statements or remarks -- I know, I've been monitoring this personally for about five years -- and yet we have union leadership here who support them anyway. As Barkan points out in that last quote, it's up to us.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Return Of Red Baiting

Red-baiting is an informal logical fallacy that intends to discredit the validity of an opponent's logical argument by accusing, denouncing, attacking, or persecuting an individual or group as Communist,[1] Socialist, Marxist or Anarchist, or sympathetic towards these ideologies.[2]

Red baiting is making a comeback. I'm being red baited more and more on Twitter, but not by conservatives. It's these Hillary voters who are obsessed with that big nothingburger called Russiagate. (Van Jones gets credit for that characterization of it.)

If you speak up to point out the lack of evidence for Russiagate or the stupidity of starting another Cold War, your patriotism is now being questioned everywhere from Twitter comments to columns in Russiagate-obsessed mainstream media.

This is pathetic and serious at the same time. By reviving the Cold War these stupid jackasses are not only bringing back the threat of a nuclear genocide but have insured that half and more of our national budget will be thrown down the military industrial spending shithole, rather I should say our tax dollars will be deposited into the pockets of rich Democrats and their rich friends who own defense stocks.

Red baiting is also an attempt to stifle the growing enthusiasm for Socialism, and a way to silence criticism of the Democratic Party from the left, but on those fronts it will have limited effect. The mostly young people who are turning to Socialism lack the cultural background for red baiting to have any effect on them. Unlike older Americans they haven't been raised on anti Soviet and anti Socialist propaganda. Polling shows young people already have a more favorable view of Socialism than they do of Capitalism so any attempt to discredit something by calling it Socialist might even backfire.

Friday, March 2, 2018

ALERT: West Virginia

Public schools in West Virginia are closed for the seventh straight day after teachers rejected a deal worked out by sellout union leadership. World Socialist Web Site has the story.

This is big. Here and there workers are beginning to realize what it means when the leaders of these big unions who make the 500k and 800k salaries are married to the Democratic Party and it's Neoliberal anti worker policies.

West Virginia, where Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary in the 2016 primary, isn't like other southern or even northern states. WV Leftists, many of them young married and single women, have been winning local and state races in WV and are running for a slew of seats in 2018, as outlined in Rolling Stone magazine. They run on pocketbook issues not just on identity politics like Democrats.

Support these people because Democrats wont. Every Democrat in congress should be in West Virginia right now walking a picket line, but we have Democrats here in New Mexico who won't even use the word "union" in their public statements and utterances, and we have union leaders in New Mexico who back them anyway. Both need to go.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Booger In Chief

The AP says Trump wants to do a deal with Democrats on gun control. Gun control hasn't happened since what, 30 years? So there's one thing. There was a tax bill that gave trillions to the trillionaires and ourpaychecks arent affected. That sucks, but the grotesque display of imperial savagery Obama and Hillary launched against Syria is unofficially over. So it's 2-1, what Trump has done compared to what Hillary would do.

Neither of those things -- gun control or Syria, both good things -- would even be possible if Hillary was president. On gun control, Democrats by themselves are 0 for the last 30 years. They always lose on gun control. Every time for 30 years.

As for Syria, Hillary was out to take down Assad and said so even if it meant war with Russia. She and the Neocons she's partnered up with loath Russia and wanted to neutralize it anyway because of China, but in Syria, as it did in Crimea, Putin called their bluff.

I say Syria is over. The rebels are done, ISIS is done, and since Russia is there, even if the US keeps the few troops it has in a little pocket on the ground, which is still potent. It's a stalemate. But these insane New Cold Warrior warmongers who somehow by magic converted Russia to Communism overnight, these self obsessed idiots will destroy the world before Trump has a chance to destroy America. The world as a whole is definitely better off with Trump in there than her. So Trump gives away a few trillion to his pals. Obama had a treasury printing up billions per year to prop the market up, quantitative easing, remember, and then buying worthless assets to get them off banks' books and defraud the whole country of trillions. That's on our check. We pay the interest and take the losses. On war and finance Democrats are Wall Street's boys.

As for America's reputation, so what? My self esteem isn't tied to what anybody thinks about this murderous, genocidal slave owning country I happened to have been born in. If America can no longer bully our allies into giving us cover for our continual vicious invasions of defenseless third world countries, hallelujah!

We run around calling ourselves morally superior even calling each other heroes for doing our masters' butchery for them. We're fully responsible for what our government and our ruling class does so your petty embarrassments are diddly squat compared to the fact that many, many, possibly hundreds of thousands of good and innocent people are alive and enjoying their lives and their families because the maniac in the turret is Donald Trump and not Neocon Hillary.

Pronounced Leh vee

I came across this photo while reading an article in Esquire about Bernie Sanders' son Levi, who's in the middle in this picture, announcing he's running for a US house seat in New Hampshire. I copied the 1995 picture for the benefit of a certain writer from Minnesota.

There are many, many still bitter Hillary fans on Twitter who hate Bernie and anyone who ever voted for him with all their hearts and a giant Twitter war has been going on nonstop since the election between them and Bernie fans. They blame Bernie and his voters for Trump, and now hate Levi having never heard of him. It's been just over 24 hours and they've already gone back through his old tweets looking for dirt. What they're finding is that Levi is outspoken about the downsides of identity politics and he considers people who don't agree with him, such as Trump voters, to be actual human beings, and neither of those sit well with Democrats.

Speaking of Dianne Feinstein who I wrote about in the last post, Roseann DeMorrow, a Sanders backer and head of the country's largest nurse's union, National Nurses United, posted this chart showing how Feinstein's votes line up with Republicans, like a lot of Democrats, but not Paul Wellstone.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Transition Time

Dianne Feinstein, net worth $80 million, is one of the conservative Democrat warmongers who turned the party into the handmaids of Wall Street, so the members of the California Democratic Party repaid her today by not endorsing her for re-election.

Feinstein is well ahead of her "progressive" challenger Kevin DeLeon and is expected to win the nomination and general election, but the party's endorsement of DeLeon over her is an indication of how the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the party is chipping away at the stranglehold corporate Democrats have on the party.

As I've noted earlier, highly engaged Berniecrats, lets call them, have taken the initiative to run in races all over the country, but in many places party insiders are trying to keep them from getting on the ballot, and at the same time the party's national committee is purging Berniecrats from party leadership roles.

Republicans control the entire federal government and have complete control of 2/3 of all state governments. Polls are beginning to indicate Democrats may have trouble gaining the seats they expected to win in the 2018 mid-term elections. Nonetheless, party insiders still think Democrats who are "too liberal" shouldn't be allowed to run.

In New Mexico it'll take longer to transition to a Democratic Party that represents the working class again. Here, party insiders choose who gets on each party's primary ballot in "pre-primary conventions". Contenders must get the support of 20 percent of party insiders at the convention to "qualify" for the primary ballot. They can get on the ballot after that by quickly collecting additional signatures before a deadline but I've never heard of anyone getting on the ballot that way.

Note: I've seen several stories about the party hierarchy sabotaging candidates including this one that tells how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is sabotaging the candidacy of Democrat Linda Moser by publishing dirt on her. 

The DCC is headed by New Mexico 2nd district US rep Ben Lujan, who was appointed by Nancy Pelosi, the house minority leader, who many say maintains her position only because of her fundraising prowess, i.e. she has influence with a lot of rich and corporate donors.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Hiss Of Escaping Air

A couple weeks ago they were still talking about the Democrats winning both houses of congress in 2018, but Democrats are losing ground in those polls .

Their lead should be increasing. The decline correlates with the growing number of stories coming out about how the Democratic establishment is purging progressives from leadership positions and actively campaigning against progressive Democrats, making no secret of the fact that the Wall Street campaign money they rake in by the train load is more important to them than people.

Democrats have also supported President Trump's massive military budget increase, voted to grant him massive domestic spying capabilities, put up feeble, token opposition to Trump's massive tax cuts for the rich and have deserted these dreamer kids who are getting kicked out of the country by our white supremacist president. Meanwhile the white supremacist president is reacting to Democrats' more than year-long Russiagate obsession and their complaints that he's too friendly to Russia by becoming increasingly aggressive militarily. Which draws praise from Democrats.

The Democrats are losing support because people are finding out they are the #Resistance in name only.